Saturday, July 7, 2012

virtual submissive

Good morning, everybody.

This post is related to this entry in my dream journal.

The image that stuck in my head the most from the dreams was the image of me floating over the city, using some sort of video-game-like viewing device to track all the people in the cars and on the sidewalks below me.

This image, I believe, comes from the fact that on Thursday I published a story called "Job Hunter" on the self-publishing website Smashwords. The story is about two people who protect a large-scale virtual reality system that is still in the process of development. The VR system is used for work purposes: people play games to control robots, and the robots do work, such as manufacturing work.

One of the characters, Trent, uses a monitoring system at the beginning of the story to track the people coming onto the system for work. This system kind of projects images onto the parts of the landscape where people are going.

Of course, the image has its origin in a few other places. For instance, all the talk about Google's computer-screen eyeglasses is something that's always fueling my fantasies. And, of course, in the William Gibson novel  Spook Country, one of the main characters, Bobby Chombo, uses a virtual reality helmet to show people various celebrity crimes that had occurred at various locations in, I believe Los Angeles.

So the image wasn't original. But it was a lot of fun to play with in my dream.

The roommate I have in my dream comes from my having watched a 1996 documentary called Fetishes three nights ago.The documentary shows the day-to-day activities in a New York City fetish parlor called Pandora's Box. The fetish parlor is run by dominant women -- mistresses -- who cater to submissive clients. The clients have all sorts of tastes, all sorts of fetishes. The only requirement is that they must want to be dominated, they must want to be submissive.

One of the characters in the film is a man just like the man in my dream. He has a "mummification" fetish, where he basically gets his body almost entirely wrapped in Saran Wrap. He seemed like a really nice guy. But I'm not really sure why, out of all the people in the movie (and I liked almost everybody in the movie), I had to identify with this guy.

Another character does, though, show up in my fourth dream. The older man in that dream turns into a younger man at one point. At this point he resembles a man, who, in Fetishes, had a wrestling fetish. But he apparently thought he was going to smart around and, instead of being submissive, actually try to hurt one of the women. The woman got the man off him. But the man stalked off angrily, because the woman wouldn't let him dominate her. But the requirement of Pandora's Box is that you must want to submit.

I think this matches a lot with the themes of my dream. The man is causing trouble in the theater. So he's being kicked out. But he wants to get violent with the proprietor, who is really a weak, old man. But I confront the man instead. At this point he becomes the wrestler from Fetishes. I'm not sure why, but he and I work something out so -- some kind of compromise -- so that he doesn't have to leave, even though he doesn't go back into the theater.

The sex scene in my first dream probably comes from a movie I watched two nights ago -- The Abnormal Female. It's basically an old porn movie from the 1960s. The premise is one of the usuals: a group of women go in to talk with a "psychiatrist" one by one, revealing their sexual escapades to him. The sexual escapades are then shown. The film is largely boring as hell. But toward the end there are some decent lesbian scenes.

In these lesbian scenes there are some close-ups of the girls' hips moving in a nice rhythm together. It's really sensual. And I think I carried that image with me, in some way, to the imagery of me in bed with H.