Wednesday, August 1, 2012

les derniers galans

Good morning, everybody.

This post is going to be related to a number of dream journal entries.

Regarding today's dream journal entry, in the last dream a little girl (who is also a young woman) mentions a movie entitled Les Galans. I wasn't even sure, upon waking, whether there was a French word "galans." I looked it up quickly, of course, after having written my dream journal entry. I didn't find a film called Les Galans, but I did find a couple interesting things.

First of all, there is a set of ice falls in the French Alps that's called Les Galans. It is, I believe, along a specific series of ice fall climbs known as La Grave, which is near the Haute-Alps commune of the same name. This photo is from the Camp to Camp page for the La Grave climb.

"Les galans" means "the gallants" in English. There is a play by Jean Chevalier entitled Les Galans Ridicule. Doing a quick scan, I didn't find out anything about the play. It seems to have been written before the year 1800, and to be rather obscure. I couldn't find out anything about the Jean Chevalier who'd written the play, either. There's a modern Jean Chevalier, who passed away in 1993, and who wrote works of philosophy. But I'm not sure about this 18th century Jean Chevalier.

Anyhow, the foreign language word struck me because only the night before I had a dream where I'd heard the foreign name "Nemirovna." I looked this name up and found that it was not a widely used name. In fact, the only place where I'd found the name used was in a book by the French author Corinne Vallienne, entitled Le Dernier Voyage de Lena Nemirovna.

The author of this book seems pretty interesting. She's a French instructor, actually, at the University of Tokyo. Le Dernier Voyage seems to be about an old man who lives in St. Petersburg and looks back on his life in Russia. The book, from what I've read of it, mixes memory and fantasy in a kind of magical way. It sounds like a good book. But I've never heard of it before.

What I also found interesting was that in Slovenian, the word "nemirov" means "unrest." So I found a few news articles which mentions "nemirov na" or "unrest in" certain areas. This was intriguing to me. But I'm still not certain what the whole thing means.

However, the other thing that was interesting to me about Le Dernier Voyage was that it connected the word "Nemirovna" with another phrase that I'd had in a dream from the previous night. In this dream I went to a movie theater, but I didn't know what I was going to watch. I ended up going into a theater playing a move called La Derniere 3.

It's an interesting coincidence, that one night I dream of La Derniere, and the next night I dream of "Nemirovna," and then it connects for me in La Dernier Voyage de Lena Nemirovna. But I really don't know why it happened that way.

I personally think that La Derniere 3 is a distortion of the title of the Francois Truffaut film Le Dernier Metro, a movie which has been consistently at the back of my mind lately.

One would simply take out the "me" from the "metro" and change the "o" sound to a "ois" sound to get "Le Dernier Trois." I'm not sure why the gender change was made in the title or why the "metro" would change to a "three." But I think that at least the mechanics of the distortion seem pretty obvious.

One reason the "metro" might be changed to "trois" is that "trois" sounds a little like "voyage." But I think that's stretching things a whole lot.