Saturday, June 9, 2012

elite gymnastics special effects

Good morning, everybody.

This post is related to stuff from this entry in my dream journal, "maboroshi no yume."

I watched some YouTube in the afternoon. I saw the video below, which was posted by NylonTV, and features the musician and visual artist Grimes.

I'd never heard of Grimes before. But I liked her personality a lot.  In the interview, Grimes seemed to be sitting in some backyard area that totally reminded me of a small backyard or outdoor dining area in Brooklyn.

Like with the video I saw of Riley Kilo, I became nostalgic for New York all over again.

Right now I'm back in my hometown of Denver, Colorado. And I think I really wanted to get back to New York last night. So I "walked there." Ft. Greene (not where I lived, but where I spent a lot of time) was just right down the street from me!

But why the *heck* was I walking on my hands?

Maybe my life just feels upside-down right now. Not maybe. It does.

Also, in the Grimes video, Grimes mentions a band she likes, Elite Gymnastics. I thought that was an awesome name. But it made me think of little kids who always try to impress people by doing "gymnastics": things like handstands and  what not.

And in this YouTube video, which shows the making of a video called "One Room Disco," by a j-pop group called Perfume, you'll notice one of the band members in a stage-room which is turned sideways. The woman pretends to be doing pushups on the floor while her feet are up on the wall. Really, the wall is the floor and the floor is the wall. But when the filming is turned sideways, it looks like the girl is doing some really tough push-ups.

I think something set itself in my mind, connecting special-effects push-ups with Elite Gymnastics handstands, and got me creating some magical way of tranferring myself back to Brooklyn.

Just a couple really short ideas about the second dream. The atmosphere also reminds me of Ft. Greene. It seemed to be very much like the black building on the corner of Ft. Greene and Fulton, the one with the Applebees. While I was in New York, stores were always coming into and going out of that place -- all except Applebees, which is, like, eternal.

The water park idea is based on the fact that I just wrote a short story, which I am selling on The story, which is called Water Wings, is about a group of adult baby girls who go to a water park. Straightforward enough. I'm currently thinking out my follow-up story to this one. So I think I had water parks on the brain last night.


Ugh... it's the day after I wrote this post.

But I have to make an update, because I was such an idiot that I forgot what was really the strongest influence of me running down the street in a handstand.

If you watch the second half of this video, featuring the awesome performer Raquel Reed, you'll see that Reed is wearing a corset that looks like a motorcycle.

So, obviously!, my dream imagined what it would be like to be a person/motorcycle, like I guess some part of my psyche must have thought Raquel Reed was.

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