Friday, June 8, 2012

condominiums, new york city, and riley kilo

Hi Everybody!

This blog is going to be supplemental to my dream blog, "maboroshi no yume," which is at the link below.

maboroshi no yume

Both blogs are rather personal. I'd guess that the "maboroshi no yume" blog is more personal than this blog. Like I said, "maboroshi no yume" is a journal of my dreams. This blog will be like an analysis of my deams.

But I am going to try to give "my life's (a) dream" a broader scope, so that there will be more content of general interest and relevance. I find that my dreams are based on what I read in books, what I see online, what I hear in the news, and what I experience in the outside world. So I think this blog is an attempt to connect the very personal landscape of my dreams with the more conventionally social world of waking life.

But, also, a warning for anybody who is not into fetish: I am an adult baby, at least part-time. And I am interested in other fetishes, even though I may not partake in them. So there will be a lot of discussion, most likely, of sexuality, fetish, and especially of paraphilic infantilism, or of being an adult baby.

So, then...

Today's post will be supplemental to this dream journal entry.

The first impression I got from my first dream in this post was that it was partly inspired by my reading in the John D. MacDonald novel Condominium. This novel, written in 1977, is about a poorly built Condominium, the people who poorly run it, and the people who live in it and are fighting to make it a better place to live.

The novel has a lot to offer current readers, I believe: it shows the housing market on the brink of colapse, and the effects of a poorly managed housing market on regular American citizens.

Here is a link to the page for Condominium.

I think the plot element that stuck in my dreams is of these young people hanging around the condominium, kind of threatening the older people who live in the building.

I had another dream a few nights ago about young people hanging around on what I thought of as "Kurt Cobain's estate," a kind of huge mansion with Buddhist, and, eventually, apocalyptic Chritstian sculpture all over the place.

I'm 34 years old. And I think I'm looking back to having been a young person. I wish those days of youth could come back for me. And so I think I'm having these dreams full of young people.

The apartment complexes are very much like the tall housing projects on the East side of Manhattan. There actually is a highway overpass that runs alongside some of them, kind of shadowing the road that passes alongside the projects.

I think the reason for my having thought of these apartment complexes was that I'd watched a video on YouTube last night by an adult baby named Riley Kilo. I was surprised to hear that Riley had left New York City at about the same time as I had, in the middle of January of this year. It made me nostalgic to for New York. So I think my dream set me in New York, to make me feel like I was "back home" (even though, really, I'm back home right now).

I've recently started wearing diapers to bed as well. And I think the fact that I wear diapers to bed gave me the image of walking around town in only diapers.

Those are the main images that I think relate my dream to my waking life experiences. Have a good day, and I hope to be back here very soon for you!