Wednesday, June 13, 2012

secret satanic submission

Good morning, everybody.

This blog post is related to this entry in my dream journal blog.

The easiest image for me to recognize from my dreams last night was the image of the men attacking me.

Last night I watched a Japanese pink film called Maid's Secret. The film is about two women who vie for the affections of one man. They each try to become the woman they think the man really wants. One of the woman becomes submissive, a maid working in a maid cafe in Akihabara. The other becomes dominant, working as a punishing mistress.

When it becomes apparent that the man likes the maid better than he likes the mistress, the mistress gets two of her submissive men to rape the maid. The rape scene is pretty long and drawn out and basically spoils the movie for me.

Two nights ago I watched a Japanese pink film called Rafureshia. This film is also about two women. One woman is a young woman involved with an overly protective, but incestuous, relationship with her father. The other woman is married to a completely disinterested man. The man's mother also has sexual feelings for the man.

In a scene that appears to be a suicide scene, the young woman jumps off the balcony of her father's mansion and into the sea. She ends up swimming to the shore of a town, where she meets three transient men. The transient men immediately take her to their little hovel and have sex with her.

This scene isn't much of a rape scene, since the girl, as she first meets the men, shows her sexual readiness by lifting up her skirt and showing the men her panties. She doesn't fight the men. And she actually thinks of the men as her friends. But the men come after the young woman with the same kind of intensity as the men raping the maid in Maid's Secret.

But last night I also started reading Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot mystery Murder on the Orient Express. In the book the detective Hercule Poirot is called back suddenly to London to work on finishing a case. He books an emergency ride on the first departing train. He expects the train will be empty. But he is surprised to find that the train is so full he can only get a sleeper room by sharing it with another person.

So the image from Orient Express translates itself from a train onto a bus in my dream. Instead of being a well-off detective getting onto an elegant train, however, I'm myself, getting onto a bus, and sharing the last seat with a few transient guys, whom I probably identify with more than I'd identify with Poirot.

The men end up attacking me. And I'd assume that this would mean they take away whatever innocence I'm trying to hold onto, like the maid in Maid's Secret, or they take away whatever naivete I've been sheltered by, like the young woman in Rafureshia.

But when the men somehow find out I'm on some kind of "special mission," to deliver a report, they stop attacking me. Or else they find out that they like me and they stop attacking me. I'm not sure which it is.

Reporting is a theme in all these dreams. I just finished reading the John D. MacDonald novel Condominium. The novel is all about the developers and the residents of a shoddily-constructed condominium out in the Florida keys.

The novel is overall really great, with a great cast of characters and a lot of interesting little soap-opera like dramas. The novel also concludes with a lot of very intense action. The intensity of the action is on the scale of some of the climaxes of some of Stephen King's great works.

But one of the final plot lines in the book involves a man assigned to write a report about how poorly built and hurricane-prone the condominiums are out on this particular Florida key. The report is written and distributed to everybody out on the key who will take it. Some people try to hush up the report. But it's already out there. But even though it's already out there, people still don't really pay attention to it.

This, of course, reminds me a lot of the events leading up to the financial crisis we've been through recently. The comparison is too obvious to really go in depth.

I think I, like so many other people nowadays, fantasize about being a person -- somehow -- to write some report full of foresight that can warn people off of some impending crisis. Of course, those reports were already written. The people who had foresight about our financial crisis have already been recognized as such. So it's strange that I would fantasize about being one of those people. The list is already written. I'm not on it.

But I was also surfing around on the net yesterday and picked up two reports. One was put out by the White House and was an outline for strengthening rural communities in the United States. That report was, I believe, put out within the last 48 hours.

The other report was put out by the Office of Basic Energy Sciences within the U.S. Department of Energy in March of this year. That report was basically the 2011 annual progress report for the BES.

So, after shuffling aimlessly through those reports for a few minutes, I think I had internet reports on the brain. Whenever I get internet reports on the brain, I often think of Michael Aquino, the founder of the Temple of Set.

I got to know about Michael Aquino basically through conspiracy videos on YouTube. Aquino is famous in those videos because not only was the Temple of Set formed after Aquino had been involved with the Church of Satan, but because Aquino, serving as Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Army, was also involved in psychological warfare operations.

Michael Aquino is also famous for having been a part of Geraldo Rivera's sensationalist "expose" on Satanism, which is also on YouTube.

I'm not educated enough to have an opinion one way or the other about psychological warfare.

But, with my mother having been a pagan, though not a Satanist, when I was born, I've often found it quite annoying to have people claim that someone is bad just because he has been involved with the Church of Satan.

My family became Christian when I was very young. As I've gotten older I've wondered whether a lot of my own emotional issues might not be related to the fact that I've got a whole religious aspect of myself that I've basically plowed underground -- that more pagan aspect of myself.

It's an overly cerebral approach to psychology, and too based, I think, in half-baked, layman's understanding of Jungian theory rather than real life experience. But I have wondered over the past few years if I'd have better emotional equilibrium in my life if I could just accept some of my deeper spiritual roots.

I found the Temple of Set more interesting than the Church of Satan, just -- for a very shallow reason -- because of its connection to Egyptian spirituality. I've been interested in Egyptian religion ever since I was a child. And about ten years ago I actually transcribed the entire E.A. Wallis Budge version of the Book of the Dead -- even though I managed not really to learn any Ancient Egyptian by having done so.

So Aquino becomes -- only in my mind -- a kind of figure for finding some kind of spiritual equilibrium in my life by accepting the pagan aspect of spirituality that I was born into. And I think this is accentuated by the fact that Aquino's writing is very intellectual and structured, very much based in a wide knowledge of philosophical and social theories, as well as in much deeper concepts and experiences.

Of course, the figure in my dream is a figure embodying some psychological issue of my own. But this psychological figure means something important to the continued development (?) of my psyche.

I want to believe that if I have a report in my hands (a kind of realized mental project) that has something to do with a task assigned to me by this important psychological figure (metaphorized by my understanding of Michael Aquino's public image), then I am protected by the importance of the task. Kind of a Lord of the Rings theme, I guess.